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Patient Centricity Strategy & Programs

Discover your own patient-centric path with Six Degrees Medical.

Patient centricity is not an "add on" or a fleeting trend.
To truly understand and address treatment gaps for individuals and communities around the world, pharma organizations are now, more than ever, trying to integrate patients' perspectives into the discovery, development and commercialization of new drugs and medical devices.
An authentic patient-centric model, however, is a challenge for an industry still adjusting to the paradigm shift of the patient’s role:  from SUBJECT to PARTNER.
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Patient Centricity Strategy & Programs
Six Degrees Medical will help your organization discover your own patient-centric path, with the goals of:
  • enriching drug discovery and development
  • improving clinical research design and execution
  • enhancing patient outcomes
  • inspiring conversations about your products and the conditions they treat
Patient Centricity Strategies & Programs: Our Way

We utilize a 3-part framework called i3 to establish and evolve our clients’ patient-centricity journey throughout their organizations. Developed by Six Degrees Medical, the i3 concept focuses on the core intrinsic components that support a successful patient-centric approach:

Patient Centricity Strategies & Programs: Our Service Offering

Six Degrees Medical's comprehensive and flexible service offering can be delivered throughout all stages of product development: 
Drug Discovery & Program Development, Study Design & Execution, and Product Commercialization.

  • Aligning research priorities with patient needs
  • Incorporating patient insights into drug design, target profile development and product/portfolio decision-making
  • Ensuring programs are focused on areas of care important to patients
  • Ensuring that patient-centric strategy is aligned with corporate goals, mission and values


  • Input on study design and endpoints
  • Facilitating selection of PROs and QoL measures and patient questionnaires
  • Identifying factors impacting trial participation, maintaining patient engagement
  • Identifying and mitigating risks
  • Patient interviews
  • Investigator/site training
  • Recruitment and retention initiatives and tools development
  • Interpreting and evaluating impact of trial results
  • Disseminating trial results to trial subjects and the lay public
  • Collecting insights on the patient experience and outcomes
  • Disseminating and applying study findings
  • Understanding and communicating the patient journey
  • Developing key messages
  • Developing and testing patient information and educational materials
  • End-user device testing
  • Health technology assessments
  • Designing and supporting patient support programs
  • Testing branding and content to make sure it’s appropriate and understood by patients
  • FAQ and e-FAQ support
  • Website support
  • Social Media Support


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